Wednesday, December 2, 2009

new tactics to get off land...

So, in this lousy market, where houses in our price range do not move... one has to be creative. Either drop the price by about 70,000 or put a bathroom in the upstairs master bedroom.... apparently potential homeowners these days perfer to crap right next to where they sleep. Oh well, whatever gets the job done. We have a boat waiting fro us in Vancouver and we need to make this house move.
Meanwhile, Juliet and Chris are enjoying home sweet home on the Zodiac and Megan begins college this winter... Justine is finishing senior year at Nova and Trent is busy with coaching baseball next spring and carting Kairen around to various basketball and football practices. Dane is perfoming in Seattle and Sasha is totally freaked out by a missing roof...
Life on quasi-water is pretty good so far.

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