Friday, December 30, 2011

Raising Anchor for a New Year!

We are so ready for a new year, and setting our sights on more adventures.  Chris is almost finished with her memoir and starting to look for agents.  Juliet has a new year of horse camp to look forward to--she is almost a level 2 volunteer at Lang's.  Jeff is preparing to take the exam for his AB ticket (that means able bodied seaman) as well as a 200 ton MMC.  He is hoping to apply at one of the tug companies come summer/ fall.

All in all, we are tired of 2011's economy and lackluster efforts by our politicians to lift us out of the recession.  Time to create some new possibilities for ourselves--here or elsewhere.

We sincerely wish a healthy, happy and PROSPEROUS 2012 to all of our friends!

My Merchant Mariner's Credentials

I received my MMC this year.  So, I'm now a Licensed Captain up to 100-ton inland waters.  After all that work, it turns out that I need to go down to Seattle and re-take the test to obtain a 200-ton mates license.  aah, the intricacies of government regulations!  Oh well, I am assistant teaching this winter with Captain Rodriguez, so I can refresh before the next exam.