Monday, January 23, 2012

Ball Diamond Ball

I am sitting in the Zenith Maritime Master's class, (I am assistant teacher), listening to the instructor and students discuss the 72 COLREGS.  These are the seventy two US Coast Guard Collision Regulations.

They are covering the lights, day shapes and sounds that cover various vessels.  For instance, a vessel, due to the nature of it's occupation, is restricted in its ability to maneuver. The day shape for this sort of vessel is vertical ball, diamond, ball.

(The photo to the right is from our marina--taken from my boat.  The barge is trying to squeeze between docks and transport a dredge and crane into the west part of the marina.)

The instructor gave the class an easy saying to remember this for the test: "You'd be restricted in your ability to maneuver if you had a diamond between your balls."

My 13 year old daughter who is auditing the course is still blushing!

-Chris W.

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