Thursday, January 19, 2012

Frozen B'ham.

Squalicum Marina Ices Over This Week.
The weather got a wee bit frosty in Bellingham this week with temperatures dropping into the teens.  Which, considering what we are used to mid-upper '30s being a cold front, is quite something.

Wind forcasts were to be in the 50 knot NE range, so Jeff and Tim hopped on the Zodiac and took her out to Chuckanut Bay (Teddy Bear Cove), and rode the storm in protected shelter.

Juliet and I remained on Kwaietek and tried to keep the heat contained--first we had to generate the heat; our woodstove couldn't keep up with the temperature drop and it took a lot of wood to finally thaw the ice off of our main salon windows. Once warmed up however, we spent a cozy afternoon writing and reading (and watching Deadliest Catch). 

Living on land one doesn't have to fret too much about sub-freezing temps, as long as the water pipes are protected and tree limbs are cut away from roof tops.  However, on a boat there is  constant diligence required to avoid engine blocks from cracking or pumps from freezing.  Nothing like a bilge pump going tango-uniform in a freeze to ruin your day!

We awoke to find the marina covered in a sheet of ice yesterday.  The fresh water layer that flows down from Whatcom Creek iced over and left us looking like the Arctic.  The photo is from this morning, things are slowly thawing... it seemed funny to me to watch "Debra D" an Alaska crab boat, hit the sawtooth dock to prepare to head out to sea.  All the whining and drama about how cold it is here, and to these Alaska fishermen, its a balmy calm walk in the park!

Nevertheless, I will be a happy camper when the docks are not as icy and I can quit wearing gloves to type.


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  1. Nice picture! Glad you made it back to the boat without sliding off the dock. Looks like the Double D has a hold of the sun.