Saturday, January 14, 2012

What the Kids are Doing

The kids gets schooled (or schools) on the deck of Zodiac.

Juliet is currently auditing the Zenith Maritime 100 ton Masters course.  Her stated goal is to get a perfect score on the exam.  What I enjoy seeing is her interactions with the rest of the class members.  She can be such a child yet so mature as well.  It's also forcing her to slow and down and do her navigation plotting accurately.  There will be no living with her if she scores well!

Megan sailed down the coast to California on the Hawaiian Chieftan this fall as cook, bosun, crew, asst. engineer, and mascot for all I know.  She had a good time, worked very hard and managed to get herself in every newspaper article photos that was printed.  She's now in Olympia having just been hired as a cook in a small restaurant. 

Justine is also in Olympia, getting ready to take her exams after having put herself through cosmetology school while completing high school.  She's been working very hard to do this and we're looking forward to her acheiving this!

Oh yeah, the boys...

Dane just had a baby and is adjusting to life as a dad and Trent is expecting another baby in the fall and living the dream in Corvallis.

A good bunch if you ask me.  I think I'll keep 'em.


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