Friday, February 17, 2012

Longing for (on) a Boat.

Be careful what you wish for.....

     Jeff has always wanted to live on a boat.  Well, he got his wish just a little over a year ago.  And, y'know, it is everything he ever hoped for--except for on eensy weensy detail... he never actually factored in what living right next to his thirteen year old daughter might do to his love life.

Bedtime at the ol' Kwaietek household is very similar to an episodic ending of "The Walton's"
      "G'night Merrie Ellen."
      "G'night Pa."
      "G'night John Boy.".....
Juliet insists on mentioning every single night that there had better be no breaking of "the routine", which translates into: absolutely. positively. no. romantic. action. emanating from the master stateroom.

     So, Jeffery has what he always dreamed of... with a catch.

     This must be somewhat akin I imagine, to the memorable quote from the Genie in Aladdin, "Phenomenal cosmic powers--itty bitty living space."  I gotta hand it to Jeffery though, he manages pretty well all things considered.

     Nevertheless you can imagine his excitement this afternoon when I informed him that his little girl was spending the night at her friend's house tonight.

Lucky, lucky man.

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