Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just Because You Can Do Something...

Doesn't always mean you should do it......

Jeff and I have a long history of getting ourselves involved in projects that get rather convoluted--simply because we can see the potential in doing so. Remodeling a 1927 Craftsman house, converting an empty old brick building into a stunning suite of offices, yoga studio and treatment rooms, salvaging two VW buses and well, yes, saving old boats.

Now, take Sugaree (...please, somebody-JK)...  She's a lovely 1974 Magellan ketch. (and in the same way we are drawn to Volkswagen buses because of their comfort and character over performance and speed, we love her). She's a roomy, comfortable sort of sail boat that won't get anywhere very fast. When we got her though, she had been a resident of Harbor Island marina for 13 years and had a layer of cement dust covering her hull that had to be at least 1/2" thick. Her sail covers and dodger were rotting away. So, what do Jeffery and Chris think? Heck yeah! We can work with this! 

Thus began the nine year project that has been our love affair with Sugaree.

She didn't even have a cool name (the name Sugaree is my contribution, as a loyal deadhead). Her old name was unpronounceable and translated into "Sea Eagle" in some Scandinavian language.  We went through the entire process and ceremony to change her name to appease all the right nautical deities.

...did I mention she had a rotten main mast?
                       Oh, no?
Well, she did.

So, Jeffery decides to build a new fir main mast from some old growth lumber donated to us by Tim Mehrer and two and a half years later, shazam! a new mast is stepped... And a refurbished mizzen as well.

So, then we decide its time to fix up the cosmetics... and, being a former scenic artist in theater, I choose to custom mix a really deep green hull color. It is quite exquisite actually. We order a two-part vinyl name and apply it ourselves on the transom. I then hand paint the dandelion fluff graphics near her name and homeport city...(god, what was I thinking?).
The trailboards--also hand stained a new bowsprit and pulpit and finally, the requisite Grateful dead sun on her cabin front...she is a complete.

She really is a beautiful boat, with you can imagine, lots of "funky" unique little elements.  We get a lot of compliments on her appearance where ever she goes.  On the other hand, ever try to match a custom paint job for touch ups!??#?*?@*

The ability to see potential in all things in life can at times, be a mixed blessing. 
Ah, well.... it keeps us off the streets.

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