Monday, March 26, 2012

Getting Ready for Sailing Season

photographs courtesy of  Marty Bach -

It's been a long couple of weeks in Seattle for some of us on the Zodiac: drydock, up-rigging, cleaning and baby-sitting a big ass boat on an unsecured dock in the middle of downtown Seattle.  Nevertheless, some unexpected sun breaks and several reunions with old friends have made the process a bit more enjoyable. 

Scenes like the photograph above were common place this weekend as Juliet and her friend Talya, made rope swings out of the topping lifts. Zodiac has sort of been Juliet's playground since she was eight yrs old.

Dinners, brunches and over-nighters with our Seattle friends has been a lot of fun... but since everyone wants to bring out the booze when we show up, it has been a little exhausting on our constitution.  
Champagne brunch with Sarah for her birthday... two days of fun and McMenamin's beers with my kids and their room-mates...waaay too many beers at Elysian with Mitch and dinner and scotch/ red wine with Chris and Laurie...then more wine, dark rums and pool with Dave, John and Diana... and last but not least, a photo shoot onboard with a growler of IPA and 1 1/2 bottles of red wines with Mona---Give us a rest, dear friends!!!!  We must away to Bellingham in order to build back our reserves.

In a few more days the Zodiac will be in tip top shape, with full contingent of sails and newly painted hull... we leave satisfied that the ship and our family have been rejuvenated just a little bit--ready for six months away from our on-shore connections.

Thanks Seattle.

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