Friday, March 30, 2012

There are no atheists at sea.

Posted by Jeffery

30 March, 2012  2300 On board Kwaietek

It has been a long day here.  We are sitting in the salon, thankful of the time we've had together.  We miss, value and love those of our family that we are not with right now.

Looking out the port windows, there are two pilings still aflame from this morning's fire.  We never met Jim and Stirling, we only knew of them through mutual friends.  They seem to have lived a life we admire and respect.  Their passing has made us reflect on what is important in our lives. For Chris and I especially, those qualities that we so value in each other.

I cannot help but believe that those two pilings are the last flames of two lives that were well lived.  I did not know I could so appreciate two people I've never met.

Lastly, we just shared a bottle of Port in their names with the other live-aboards on the dock.  A life half lived is of little value in the end.  Those two flames will continue to remind us of that.  Thank you Jim and Stirling.


  1. Well Said Jeffery. I'm glad that you, Chris and family are alright. Live well, fear not the sea, but respect her. Keep in touch.

    Pete in Albany

  2. I'm so sorry for the loss to your community. My thoughts are with you.