Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The tactile, patchwork patterns of our home

Our little house on the water reflects our eclectic styles. It isn't anything close to traditional, but it is very homey and very "us". We like the juxtaposition of old wooden boat and funky, textured designs.
Best of all, it feels just like home!

 Jeff's tile work in the shower compliments the fir and mahogany ceilings 

The  galley bell with our orca tiles

Juliet's hand-made pot holders add color to the galley
and our beer coasters trim out the entire space 

Pint glasses from our favorite pubs divide the kitchen-galley from the mess-galley 

 hand-made photo frame in the mess

 Spice drawers and our sitting cat on the mess shelf

galley table 

coasters and Juliet's painted soup bowls

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  1. Very enjoyable post!! Made my that photo frame and all the rest. -Bruce