Sunday, April 22, 2012

Airing (clean) Laundry....

After a short spell away from writing on the blog, (the fire in Squalicum marina left me a little spare on words for a few weeks)... I ponder what I wanted to write about next.

While back on Kwaietek, I set to hand-washing my laundry from the past week onboard Zodiac. I think about potential topics that I might expound upon.  Certainly there has to be something eventful and terribly nautical to write about. Nothing really sparks my interest.  I fall into the zen of scrubbing the clothes and then rinsing and wringing them out one by one. I hang the pants and shirts over Kwaietek's life-lines; clothes-pinning them so as not to find them drifting in my neighbor's slip. The more delicate items, I take up into the salon and string them up on a make-shift clothes line running fore and aft. Lucky Jack glares at me as I set about this task--the sunny spot in the salon is directly in the drip-zone.

It occurs to me as I finish this chore, that it is a subject worth writing about. Not for being at a loss for topics, but because it becomes a very satisfying task. It takes me back to what life had been like growing up on our farm. Simple tasks that slowed the rate of a fast-paced life somewhat and gave one a certain appreciation of what one had and what one could do. Sure, throwing the laundry into a machine, splashing some detergent on it and walking away would have been much easier, but less "present".

I smell the soap and chlorine as I hang the clothes on the lines...I enjoy the scent of sunshine drying laundry. It reminds me of helping my grandma hang the laundry when I was a little girl. I loved her baggy gingham apron with it's over-sized pockets that held a never ending supply of wooden clothespins.

Now, I am draping my laundry over the life-lines and reaching for the same type of wooden pins to secure the clothes. Oddly, it makes our old forestry boat seem much more homey and cozy--if not quite nautical and maritime-esque.

And so I find, that even the most mundane items in the life of a sailor are worth appreciating and taking a moment to expound upon.

I am glad I get to live on a boat.


  1. I have never been sure when I can can hang up my laundry to dry. Some marinas seem to really frown on this, and I'm not good and identifying them. For the most part I don't care, but I don't want to annoy those that live there.

  2. Really? You think that hanging out laundry or foul weather gear to dry on a boat might bother your neighbors? Well very overly Seattle PC of you. If hanging things out to dry on your boat bothers your neighbors then chances are you're in the wrong marina.

  3. We're lucky to be living in the fish/ work boat section of Squalicum and the etiquette is a tad lower-brow than the yacht docks. Nevertheless, its a good policy to ask around( or at least check in with the other tenants nearby.