Friday, April 27, 2012

The Family Circus

The Zodiac's deckhands- best crew on the seas. "And I mean that in the street sense."
I really love this time of year-- mini-reunions abound as crew members start to show up that we haven't seen since last season.  The long dark of winter is over and moods are high as we get ready for the Bellingham Bay Rendezvous.

Beth is below decks, cleaning the ship and old friends are arriving all day. The schooners begin to pull into dock around 4PM and as my daughter said yesterday, "It'll be like Christmas!"

We are about to start dressing ship (flying the festival signal flags from our top mast down to the bow sprit and the boom tip). Jeffery is showing up at noon to rig the lights that make her look so gorgeous at night.

Its a pretty exciting day down here at the ship.

Now, we just need the jolly fat man with the snowy white beard to arrive from the frosty north, toting his bags of good stuff.... Santa Claus?... Nope, better than that--Ian the cook stepping off the Alaska Ferry!

Happy Days!

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