Saturday, December 22, 2012

We Wish You a Maritime Christmas!

Christmas eve in the marina, what a wondrous sight.
The fish boats aglow, bathed in their sodium lights.
No noise but the wind and the sounds off the Bay
as waves crash on the breakwater which stands in their way.

Sailboats and Chris-Crafts all tethered into rows,
Silently bobbing along as the south-easterly blows.
The harbor seals glide past our float-able home
Keeping tabs on the Kwaietek as they quietly roam.

Inside of the vessel, her inhabitants sleep,
Unaware of these vigils that occur in the deep.
The moonlight shines down on the deck of our boat
and cast shadows in the water upon which she floats.

Juliet in her bunk--dreams of  gifts under the tree
When Captain-Saint Nick sails in from the sea.
Should Santa arrive, there'd be nary a witness,
'Cept Lucky Jack, on watch--an alert state of fitness. 

The big sleigh would touch down, properly fit out
with pontoons and a bilge pump that's just lying about.
And should Santa's reindeer swim as well as they flew
She had not a doubt they'd soon come into view.

Padding down the long dock, he'd pause at every slip
leaving presents and goodies aside each lovely ship.   
Oil 'sorbs and chart plotters, new line and some varnish
would be left for good sailors, their effect would astonish.

And Juliet? She'd receive a new bike and a pony
She knew she'd been good--she wasn't a phony.
Certainly Santa could tell, for she had left him a note
Thanking him sincerely for visiting her boat.

Mom and dad were asleep in the cabin next door,
reminiscing about Christmas eve's years before.
Content that their lives had changed for the best,
for their life on the water seemed to be truly blessed.

Lucky Jack silently sat and watched the night time pass by
Keeping track of the stars in the black-velvet sky.

Christmas eve in the marina--a special time of year
that makes us aware of all the things we hold dear.

 .     .     .

Merry Christmas and a Nautical New Year, Friends! 

~ Jeffery and Chris



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  1. lovely poem chris wallace i cant wait to hear more,
    love your son dane wallace