Thursday, May 12, 2016

May Mornings in the Marina

Some mornings you wake up and realize that all of those winter storms and windy nights in the marina were well worth the bother.
Today would be another one of those glorious days. The cat and I are now back down below, having just spent an enjoyable hour on deck watching the school of anchovies beneath us put on quite a fascinating show.

Springtime is transitioning for summer's arrival here in Gate Five: The fishing fleet is preparing for whatever season might happen; Seine skiff engines are revving up, pounding and grinding can be heard everywhere. The schooner Adventuress is back at the visitor's dock once more, boarding another bus-load of excitable middle-schoolers for a trip into the islands. The squally patches of catspaws, skittling their way across the water make me wish that my kayak repairs were finished and one or both of the Lightnings were back on this side of the bay... But hey, I'm not complaining.
Not one little bit.

So, anyways, these little fishy pals of mine have completely inspired me. They've actually made their way into the manuscript. Chapter 29 of Sea of a Thousand Words. You can "catch" them on the link below. (Sorry, puns are really not my forte).  Windline Press: "Sea of a Thousand Words" Chapter 29 


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  1. what an amazing mornig and scenery to wake up to. i wish i were that lucky. but well, keep us updating with more beautiful photo i would love to keep visiting and look at your blog