Sunday, May 1, 2016

Time's a Flyin'

Well, hello there.
It has been a few months since either of us have put words to screen for our Flota-Navium blog.
Jeff's new Kingfisher Craftsmen business has kept him hopping--so much so that a 65-foot annex had to be erected next to the original boat shop and there are now five boats underneath the tent.

For myself, I've spent the last three months putting 76,341 words to a manuscript. I am at chapter 26--there are 14 more chapters to go. (Needless to say, blog-time is low on my radar).

If you'd like to read an excerpt from the upcoming novel, entitled "Sea of a Thousand Words", you can click on the link and peruse Chpt 7. (My advice to you would be, don't read it if you've booked a vacay at the Oregon Coast anytime soon).  
Astoria's bridge (pre mega-quake).

Chapter excerpt from "Sea of a Thousand Words"

Jeff has promised to sit down and write a few posts about the various projects on some of these classic yachts he has in the tent. Right now, we have a Stephens 48-ft yacht and a Chris-Craft as well as a 1927 Ashcroft sloop, not to mention the new-to-us Lightning Bianca that will join Zeta, (both are classic wooden daysailers from the early 1940s).

Additionally, he will be blogging about the projects in store for our 36-ft Magellan ketch Sugaree, due to be hauled out in the next few weeks for some pretty serious off-shore refitting and re-powering.
(Plans for our South Pacific cruising are definitely still in the works, just got to get that kid through her freshman/sophomore year at University).

--But hey, that's Jeff's job to write about. Mine is to check back in and reconnect with our blogging friends and followers.
Rest assured more adventures to come!

I hope that you enjoy the chapter from my latest project. I am truly having a blast writing about it. (yeah, sorry 'bout that, Astoria).

You'll be hearing more from us again soon... Promise.

~ Chris and Jeffery


  1. PS You're really pumping me up for my long weekend in Tillamook at the end of July. Thanks, Chris! It was nice to know you!